Our Mission – About us

YourGift.ca – Non Profit Fundraising Opportunities has expanded to include local business marketing & advertising resources, food bank fundraising resources and business affiliate management resources!

Because non profit survival depends on business success and involvement we believe that promoting and marketing both are essential.

At YourGift.ca our mission is three fold…

1. To support food banks across Canada.

2. To support Canadian business.

3. To create employment.

In that light we have implemented a Business Directory for Atlantic Canadian businesses. Support a Canadian business by sponsoring a company. Ads are only $55 for one year and $40 of that goes to food banks. People who purchase an ad have the choice of what food bank to support. As well $10 goes to creating employment by hiring students and/or single parents to help us update our site. $5 goes towards keeping our business online.

Our affiliate marketing resources include how Canadian business and people who want to work from home can benefit from affiliate marketing. Find articles and reviews on affiliate marketing and how to increase business and earn extra income from home.

Affiliate marketing is an older idea, in the life of the Internet, that is a perfect fit in this business environment. A very legitimate and popular means of doing business online.

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