How To Get Approved For Affiliate Programs

By: Rupe Power

You may be new to affiliate marketing and are ready to apply for affiliate programs, or you constantly get the “DECLINED” email. There are things you can do to better your chances of being approved more often.

The problem is normally due to the information you enter on the applications. When you fill in applications for affiliate programs you need to approach it as if you were the person at the company, the affiliate manager, approving those applications. You need to really convince that company that you are going to represent their products and services in the same manner they do. Even if you don’t have a web site, or if your web site gets little traffic, you need to convince that company that you are going to work in the best interests of the company.

If you have been declined for an affiliate program you know that the email you get does not tell you why you were declined. The company will normally give you a list of criteria they use to assess applicants, but only tell you that you did not meet one or more of those criteria. Some companes don’t let you reapply so it’s best to put your best foot forward at the beginning. Here are the things you can do to better your chances.

The first thing you have to do is to decide what niche you are going to promote. What gets you excited, what is your passion? That’s what you need to decide. Whether you decide to start a web site, write a blog or use social media to reach your audience, it has to be devoted to that niche. Yes you can have more than one interest or passion but each one needs to dealt with separately.

One thing you need to understand is that companies spend big money on advertising, retargeting ads to visitors affiloates send to their site. They want to be confident that, for the most part, as an affiliate you are sending visitors through your affiliate links that have an interest in the company’s products and services, not just random visitors. If the company starts sending out retargeted ads to these ramdon visitors, these ads could be considered spam email and that only damages the reputation of the company and you.

If you plan on having a web site or blog, get them up and running first. Have relevant content on your site before you apply. Most companies approve sites manually. It doesn’t take very long to see whether a site is related to the company’s goals. Other musts that the company’s affiliate manager will be looking for is a contact form, a privacy policy, a mission statement or about us page. If you are taking people’s information like email addresses and if you get to the point where you are accepting credit cards through a third party vendor like PayPal, a “https://”, secure site will really go a long way, even if you are not actually keeping the information yourself. This is not a must but it does help. Having a YouTube channel really helps since the company can see exactly how much knowledge you have in your niche. That will give them a better idea on how you plan on promoting their products and services. Agin not must, but great help.

Social media is great in combination with your web site or blog. Using social media only to run affiliate programs is not going to cut it for most affiliate programs. Yes you can use social media only, paid ads, solo ads and Google ads as well. But those are different marketing strategies that require a lot of research and planning. Do your research when applying and try to find out if they don’t want their affiliates using paid, solo or Google ads for example. They will probably indicate that in their terms of agreement or on the application page.

There will normally be an opportunity in the application to say in your own words why you should be accepted as an affiliate. You don’t want to write a novel here but you want to included your reassurance that you will be working and promoting the company i a way that get’s you approved. This could include not be sending any spam traffic, you will not be using any non ethical methods such as negative marketing. You should also explain how you will be using Facebook, your YouTube channel, your blog, what traffic methods you will use and a short description of your experience.

If you are new to this and it all seems daunting try promoting an affiliate program that gets you instant approval like Amazon. Most people get approved for their Associates program. You can build a marketing campaign in your niche and then track to see how you are doing. Not only can you earn some estra money but you gain the experience of marketing affiliate programs. Down the road you can then apply for companies that have an application process and have a better knowledge of how to approach the application process.

In short, affiliate programs can give you an extra bebfit to your readers or followers who may be looking to you for advice. This increases your credibility and expertise in your field. You may earn some extra or even a full time income if done right. Approach it in a professional manner, set gols and work towards those.

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