How You Can Make a Difference

Why I Am Doing This

With a successful online marketing business I have many years of experience with affiliate marketing, and if you need to boost sales of your products and services you should visit my site. This is my way of giving back and supporting food banks across North America. 80% of all commissions goes to non profits who help people cope during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How To Use Our Donation Program

Suggest or register a non profit organization here. Once registered you can use the organization’s assigned member number to shop online or from local merchants. These merchants pay a commission for any sales and those sales are credited to that organization.

If the organization you wish to support is already registered then you can choose your province or state here and login from the provincial or state page. Each provincial and state page will have the organizations listed that are already registered.

Categories & Retailers

Now over 75 categories and hundreds of retailers you have the choice of shopping at some of the Internet’s top stores! Check the retailers in the drop down window. (Menu items are not clickable) To shop and support go here to get started.


When you shop at one of the retailers listed on our site you earn your favorite organization a donation. These retailers pay us a commissions for referred sales, at no extra cost to you. You pay the same amount for any product or service, get sales and deals, the same as anyone else who doesn’t use our site.

We pay the organization you choose 80% of the commissions we earn as a donation. Commissions are normally paid every 30 days and do not include any refunds.


We are excited to post our first donations and will give a full accounting of where the donations go.

Your Privacy

We do not require any registration or email address from users that want to shop and support. All transactions are conducted between shoppers and the retail companies. Organizations will register so that we can forward any donations earned to that organization. If you sign up for our mailing list, or register as an organization, we do not give or sell our lists to any third party.

Who Can register

Any organization that supports people through the COVID-19 pandemic can register free here.

Get Your Business On Our Retailer List

If you own a business and run an affiliate program you can get your business on the list of retailers by contacting us here.

If you want more information about starting an affiliate program for your business then get that information here.