Safe Home Delivery – Curb Side Pickup

Since our business focuses on online businesses, home delivery and curb side pickup is a big part of that. In this light we have come up with some safe practices when receiving a home delivery or using curb side pickup.

Some home delivery and curb side practices are not following the safe guidelines set out by the health authorities regarding social distancing. These safe delivery options are put in place by businesses for the safety of their associates, and your safety as well.

Follow these safe practices when using home delivery or using curb side pickup.

– Use common sense to maintain at least a six foot distance. Plan how you are going to accept your delivery in a safe manner that keeps the delivery person, and/or store associate and you at a safe distance.

– For home deliveries, do not open the door to accept any delivery. Have the delivery person leave it on your door step or outside your door. When they leave and are at a safe distance then open the door to get your delivery.

– For curb side pickup, leave your windows up, hold up your ID at the closed window so the associate can see it, open your trunk or back hatch and let the associate place your order in your vehicle and allow them to close the trunk or hatch. Do not get out of your car or roll down your windows to communicate with an associate.

In some cases the associates are busy and would rather have you load your own vehicle. In this case do not get out and help the associate, have them leave and then you can load your vehicle in a safe manner.

If you have to get out of the vehicle to open your trunk or back hatch, do it before you communicate with the store that you are ready to accept your order, get back in your vehicle and then call the store to indicate that you are ready.

If want to check if your order is correct do it after the associate leaves. If it is not correct you can call the store and have them replace the items that are not correct.

Whether you are picking up groceries, having food delivered or using curb side pickup plan and maintain the six foot requirement. Just use common sense to make it work.

Thank you and stay safe